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Your all-round handyman service for a beautiful home

You’ve found the perfect furniture for your home – and can’t wait to have it assembled.
Or you’d rather enjoy your garden than work in it.

Not in the mood for handiwork?
You may not have the tools. Or you’re too busy…

Mini Jobs does small handiwork for you

We enjoy working with our hands! So we make your life easier – and you’ll love the results.

Join over 100 happy customers and get in touch.

Save time and hire Mini Jobs Biel

…and other mini-jobs that don’t need an expensive expert!

You deserve to live in a beautiful home without paying a fortune for a handyman – or wasting precious time doing the work yourself.

Mini Jobs Biel offers you a professional and reliable handyman service for your home & garden.

For a fraction of the cost you’d have to pay for an expert.

An expert can cost 180 CHF per hour!!

Fact: You don’t need an electrician to hang a lamp. Or a landscaper to mow your lawn.

Also, these jobs often take longer than you think… Avoid the shock of a 300 CHF bill for installing two lamps!

Lamp installation
Hours saved with our handyman service

Ready to save a few hours, too?

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4,97/5 Star rating from working with 100+ customers

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Where do we work?

Mini Jobs is based in Biel/Bienne, BE. We do handiwork jobs as far as Bern, Neuchâtel, Delémont, Saint-Imier, and Solothurn.

If you live just outside of this zone, we may make an exception. Just ask!

No credit card needed.

Schedule a handiwork job now

Send us your favorite time slot for your handiwork and we’ll tell you when we are available.

We are very flexible, but often fully booked.

The sooner you contact us, the better your chances that your favorite time is still be available.
Use our calendar to schedule the best appointment for you.

You don’t have to pay anything yet!

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If we can’t find a date for you, you can give your handiwork job to someone else.

You're in good hands with us


4.97/5 Star reviews from working with over 100 happy customers

Some ambitious projects require a specialist.
Then it’s best to hire an expert – even if it costs you a lot more money.

But for many handiwork tasks, an experienced all-round handyman like Micka will do your mini job perfectly and professionally. Over 100 happy customers attest to that.

For only 30 CHF / hour.

An unbeatable price for a beautiful home and more free time.

FAQ - Things to know about our handyman service

You have a handyman mini job like furniture assembly, lamp installations, garden work or clearing out stuff.

But you don’t have the tools, the skills, the patience, or the time to do it yourself. 

We mostly do handiwork jobs in the sector of Biel, Bern, Neuchâtel, Solothurn, Delémont and St. Imier. Cantons Bern, Jura, and Neuchâtel.

Micka has 20 years of experience and has renovated 2 entire houses (one from 1736).

With his family of 5, they moved 6 times. That’s a lot of furniture to reassemble.

And of course, he did mini jobs for over 100 happy customers already.

For only 30 CHF/hour, you can sit back and let an experienced DYI guy do your mini jobs for you.

No headache. No stress – and more free-time for you!

Micka has a full-time job during the week. But he is gladly available after business hours.

The best time is Monday to Friday from 18h-20h30.

Just ask and we’ll see how to fit your schedule.

Simply fill in our calendar form to schedule an appointment.

The request is free of charge, you pay once your handiwork job is done.

You can pay in cash or via Twint immediately when your job is done

Yes! The company is registered in the Commercial register under “Bricolage Bourdois Handwerkerservice”. But that’s hard to remember – so we use Mini Jobs because that’s what we do for you. 

FAQ - Practical questions about booking our handyman service

You contact us, choose our favorite time slot and describe your mini job as best you can.

If you have pictures of your handiwork project, that’s even better.
That’s how we can best plan your mini job and confirm a date and time.

Simply fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page and we’ll contact you.

Once your mini job is scheduled, you can reach Micka by email, phone call, whatsapp, or text message.

If you are a return customer, you can just write Micka directly.

Micka’s first language is French. His German is also okay. But if you can’t understand each other for a specific topic, he can call his wife to translate to English.

Usually, Micka works alone. But if your mini job needs 2 people, he’ll check if someone from his family or a friend can help. 

That’s okay. Micka has a lot of experience and can help you estimate the time it will take before he starts.

If you live in Biel or close by, a small handiwork job of 30 minutes is fine.

Something like installing a simple lamp, assembling a table, or feeding your cat while you’re away can be quick.

That’s no problem at all. As an experienced DIY handiman Micka has a lot of tools he can bring.

And if we know what he needs to do for you he can prepare the right tools for your handiwork job.

When your mini job was scheduled, you got all the contact information to let Micka know you need to reschedule.

Please contact him right away so he can reorganize his schedule, too.

Then we can find a new date for you.

You don’t use your smartphone to make calls? No worries 🙂 We mostly plan your mini job via SMS or WhatsApp.
And it’s always good to have your number in case of an emergency.

No credit card needed.