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Save time & money with our handyman service

You shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to improve your home and garden!
Our handyman service takes care of your furniture assembly, garden work, decluttering & other mini-jobs for only 30 CHF per hour. 

And you can join our 100+ smart customers and hire us to do your handiwork, too!
Let’s see how we can make your life better…

Professional Furniture Assembly

Whatever furniture you need to organize your home, make it beautiful, or cozy… we assemble & install it all for you!

IKEA Furniture Assembly Biel- Wardrobe
IKEA Furniture Assembly Biel- Bed

Convenient Material Transport

How convenient is it to have someone transport the building materials, your furniture or your garbage for you?!

Our van surely has more space than your car trunk or your bike basket…

Bricolage Bourdois Handwerkerservice - Material Transport
Bricolage Bourdois Handwerkerservice - Material Transport

Refreshing Garden Work

If you’d rather enjoy your yard than work in it, give us a call

Mini Jobs Biel - Garden Work
Mini Jobs Biel - Garden Work

Small but Mighty Renovations

You have small renovation work to do to give the final touch to your home? We’ll be happy to do them for you!

Bricolage Bourdois Handwerkerservice - Renovations
Bricolage Bourdois Handwerkerservice - Renovations

Vertiginous Lamp Installation

Let there be light!
Contact us if you no longer want to be in the dark…

Mini Jobs Biel - Lamp Installation
Mini Jobs Biel - Lamp Installation

Cute Petsitting

You’re going on a trip and need someone you trust to provide for your pets? We love animals and gladly take care of your four-legged friends during your absence.

Bricolage Bourdois Handwerkerservice - Cat sitting
Bricolage Bourdois Handwerkerservice - Horse Care

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Mini Jobs is based in Biel/Bienne, BE. We take care of your handiwork from Biel to Bern, Neuchâtel, Delémont, Saint-Imier, and Solothurn.

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Good to know

These handyman jobs are examples to give you an idea of what we regularly do for our customers. We also do other things. Just ask!

We’re here to answer your questions. Simply send us a message via the form above. We’ll only schedule a mini job once everyone agrees.

We do your handiwork in the sector of Biel, Bern, Neuchâtel, Delémont, Saint-Imier, and Solothurn.


For only 30 CHF per hour, you can benefit from our reliable and professional service.
It’s the smart choice to save time and money. And you’ll love the result!