We do your small DIY jobs so you save time & money

For your convenience after office hours, on weekends, and holidays

No more stress with unwanted handiwork

Mini Jobs Biel is a home service that takes care of your small DIY jobs.

You deserve to live in a beautiful home without paying a fortune for a handyman – or wasting precious time doing the work yourself.

Mini Jobs Biel offers you a professional and reliable handyman service for your home & garden.

For a fraction of the cost you’d have to pay for an expert.

Some ambitious projects require a professional expert who specializes in one sector. And for those projects, hire an expert, even if it costs you a lot more money.

But for many other tasks, a DIY Pro like Micka can do your mini job perfectly and professionally for only 30 CHF/hour.
That’s great value for your peace of mind and more free-time.

You have a DIY mini job like furniture assembly, painting, garden work or also cleaning out old stuff.
But you don’t have the tools, the skills, the patience, or the time to do it yourself.
And you don’t need an expensive specialist.

Contact us to do your Mini Job. You’ll be in good hands!

Just some of our tools

Who takes care of you?

Bricolage Bourdois Handwerkerservice


Mini Job | Do-It-Yourself Pro

Very experienced. Always helpful. Isn't happy until you are. Speaks French and German. Mini Jobs Biel is registered in the Commercial register as "Bricolage Bourdois Handwerkerservice"

Micka has 20 years of DIY experience and has renovated 2 entire houses (one from 1736). And he did mini jobs for over 100 happy customers already.

You have no tools? Micka has a lot of tools. Tell us what you need him to do so that he bring the right tools.

Micka is available after business hours and on weekends. Monday to Friday from 18h-20h30 and all day on weekends. Just ask and we'll see how to fit your schedule.

Bricolage Bourdois Handwerkerservice ¦ Mini Jobs Transporter
For all the tools we need for you
Bricolage Bourdois Handwerkerservice ¦ Mini Jobs Transporter
Or to transport stuff for you

Our zone of work

Mini Jobs is based in Biel/Bienne, BE. Our sector stretches from Biel to Bern, Neuchâtel, Delémont, Saint-Imier, and Solothurn.

Why choose Mini Jobs Biel for your unwanted DIY projects?


  • You waste precious hours
  • It can be exhausting
  • You may get stuck
  • It can stress you out

Get an Expert

90CHF /hour
  • Very expensive
  • Not for small projects
  • Often not necessary
  • Not available after work hours

4.98/5 Star review from 100+ happy customers

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Mini Jobs is based in Biel/Bienne, BE. We take care of your handiwork from Biel to Bern, Neuchâtel, Delémont, Saint-Imier, and Solothurn.

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