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Fast and reliable IKEA furniture assembly for a beautiful home

You usually want your furniture to be ready like yesterday...
We can’t turn back time, but we have experience – so we assemble your furniture quickly.
Especially if you’ve picked IKEA furniture.

So save time and hire Micka – who has assembled multiple IKEA furniture series for many happy clients.

Besta · Billy · Brimnes · Busunge · Eket · Friheten · Fyresdal · Hemnes · Kura · Malm · Mandal · Nordli · Pax · Platsa · Skadis · Slattum · Tufjord · Vimle    

Wardrobe Assembly

We assemble plenty of IKEA wardrobes. They are very popular and a great choice for your clothes!

IKEA Furniture Assembly - Walk-in closet
Furniture Assembly: Ikea Wardrobe
IKEA Furniture Assembly Biel- Wardrobe
IKEA Furniture Assembly - Pax wardrobe
IKEA Furniture Assembly - PAX Wardrobe
IKEA Furniture Assembly - Busunge closet
Furniture Assembly: Wardrobe
Furniture Assembly: Wardrobe
Furniture Assembly: Ikea Wardrobe
IKEA Furniture Assembly - Walk-in closet
Furniture Assembly: Ikea Wardrobes
Furniture Assembly: Ikea Wardrobe

Happy Customers!

Montage de meubles IKEA avis Nadine


Custom walk-in closet installation (Ikea rods, boxes and shelves). Excellent in every way! Very efficient


4,97/5 Star rating from over 100 customers

Bed Assembly

Whatever your style – a comfortable bed is essential for a good night’s sleep. When you’re well rested, you can tackle the challenges of your day…

Furniture Assembly: Bed with integrated lights
IKEA Furniture Assembly - Mandal Bed
IKEA Furniture Assembly - Hemnes Bed
IKEA Furniture Assembly - Brimnes Bed
IKEA Furniture Assembly - Metal bunk bed
IKEA Furniture Assembly - Malm Bed
IKEA Furniture Assembly Biel- Bed
Furniture Assembly: Children's Bed
IKEA Furniture Assembly - Fyresdal Bed

Happy Customers!


IKEA furniture assembly: Great equipment. Very efficient. Micka did a great job, he has experience and great advice. I recommend him without a doubt. Thank you, Micka


Dresser Assembly

All these drawers are so convenient to keep your home tidy and organized
Want us to assemble yours?

IKEA Furniture Assembly - Hemnes Dresser
IKEA Furniture Assembly - Malm Dresser
Sideboard Assembly
IKEA Furniture Assembly - Hemnes dresser
Wine Cabinet Assembly
Sideboard Assembly

Happy Customers!


IKEA furniture assembly: Very competent, very friendly, very flexible, etc. In short, perfect!


Other Furniture

We don’t have pictures of all the furniture we’ve assembled. But whatever you need – we can do it.

Simply send us a message!

IKEA Furniture Assembly - Friheten Sofa
IKEA Furniture Assembly - Besta Cube shelves
Princess Canopy over bed
IKEA Furniture Assembly - Vimle Convertible Sofa
Furniture Assembly Service - Bathroom
Furniture Assembly Service - Shelving unit
IKEA Furniture Assembly - Vimle Convertible Sofa
Furniture Assembly Service - Skadis Pegboard
Cabinet Assembly

Happy Customers!


Furniture assembly: A person of great competence and experience, who finds solutions to everything, is of very good advice, and very nice too! Thank you very much!


What IKEA furniture we assemble for you

Whatever your piece of furniture to organize your home, make it beautiful, or keep you comfortable… we assemble and install it for you!

Alright, assemble my furniture

No credit card needed. Your message is 100% risk-free and non-binding.  

Good to know

We love IKEA furniture because they have perfected the assembly at home. After assembling countless pieces of furniture, we have a great system now. Other brands are usually not as user-friendly.
But you can still contact us for other jobs than IKEA furniture assembly. 

Tell us what furniture you want us to assemble – and we will give you a pretty accurate estimation.

The price for your furniture assembly depends on how long it takes. The cost is 30 CHF per hour.

We assemble your furniture in the sector of Biel, Bern, Neuchâtel, Delémont, Saint-Imier, and Solothurn.